Monday, February 23, 2009

The perfect joint

Step 1. First you need to make a roach this can be the difference between a good joint and a bomb ass joint. So here is a video i found to show you how.

Step 2. Grind up your weed. Take out all the stems because they can poke holes in your rolling paper. If you dont have an grinder get one, but in the mean time put your bud in a small cup and cut it up. If you use you hands the thc crystals will rub off and stick to your fingers so you wont get as high off your joint.

Step 3. (for beginers) To make your paper easy to roll take a cigarette and wrap your rolling parer around it this will make it less complicated to get the paper to bend the way you want.

Step 4. Place your already made roach at the top left or right side of your rolling paper. Use your index finger to spread the weed evenly over the paper.

Step 5. Now that you’re sure that everything is equally divided, you should hold the joint between your index and middle fingers for support and let your thumbs apply the pressure so that everything inside the rolling paper becomes more firm and stable. Use your left hand to hold the roach the whole time and your right hand will start at the middle of the joint. From there ypu will roll the joint with your left hand by the roach (the roach is round so you can easily roll it, shaping the joint) and your right hand will assist the motion of your left hand making sure that everything is equal to the top part. (The trick here is to wrap it as tightly as possible)

Step 6. The last two thing needed to do is seal your joint. Lick the sticky side of your joint and roll it up. (Dont Fucking Slobber On It) Make sure there is a tiny bit of room left at the end of your joint. Take the end of your joint and pinch the paper together and twist it making a little pointy tip. This keeps your weed from falling out even after you burn the tip away. (dont ask me how the fuck that works because i dont know but it does)

Step 7. Finaly light that mother fucker up and start toking

If you want to learn hot to roll the joker let me know ill post another one

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stoner Sesh Songs

Chilling weed songs
1. Tangerine Sky
2. Hits From The Bong
3. Proud To Be A Stoner
4. Rest Of My Life
5. I Want To Get High
6. Burn One Down
7. Bowl For Two
8. Green To Black
9. Smoke Two Joints

Weed songs that bump
1. We Got The Chronic
2. Where’s The Weed At
3. King Klick
4. 420
5. Dr. Greenthumb
6. Colt 45
7. My Smoking Song
8. No Laws
9. Stoner Witch

Top types of weed

CHRONICS - chem dawg #2, black dominoe
OG - platinum og, skywalker og
KUSH - the valley kush, pure kush
HYBRID - blue sky blonde, green rain